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Photo credit: Some passer-by
(who did a pretty good job considering the raw materials he had to work with.)

A lot of the apps you see out there were designed by programmers who never had to use the thing. We started with some marketing problems that didn’t have good solutions. And then we programmed.

I’ve been a digital marketer for 10 years, meaning I have clients who expect me to sell their “stuff” or they’ll go looking for someone who can. I’ve spent more than 6 million in online advertising and I know how to get sales from a webshop.

So our plugins and apps were designed for the real online world. They were designed to help you increase your webshop sales. And they were made to cope with the actual situations that webshops run into.

Then, since you’ve been kind enough to use our plugins, we’re happy to share our marketing experience with you. Every product we sell comes with at least one application guide full of tips to help you make a success of it. Because if we can help you succeed then you might stick with us. (And because it’s fun helping people.)

But where to start …

… with promoting your new webshop? 

In my opinion and experience, if you want to kickstart sales for your webshop, start with Google. That’s where the most successful webshops usually get their sales, despite the miriad articles written about Facebook, Instagram etc.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, any promotion is good. I’m just saying that Google is usually the easiest place to start. Amazon is good too, if you can work with their margins and conditions.

With that in mind …

… maybe you’d like to try one of these

EASY product feed

Get your products on Google Shopping: it may be the quickest way to start selling. We made this Shopify app to get you there without the usual fuss.

DYNAMIC remarketing

Once you’re selling, how about closing a few more of the people who visit your site by reminding them of what they looked at? That’s what this Shopify app is for.

TRACKIT: Know your conversions

Know how many sales you are making on Google Ads, and know the value of those sales. With this app you can measure in detail what your customers buy and know which parts of your advertising are working for you.