Conversion tracking for Google Ads


Easy setup.

Tracks conversions and sales value.

Installing the latest tracking code for Google Ads isn’t so simple

but with the TRACKIT app it is

  • TRACKIT is very easy to set up. (Whereas installing Google’s code on your own is definitely not easy.)
  • TRACKIT tracks sales value as well as conversions so you can know how much value you are getting from your advertising
  • TRACKIT is always up to date, even when Google makes changes
  • TRACKIT eliminates the problem of double counting, which happens quite often if you only use the code Google gives you
  • We’re here to help you get up and running. If you need any assistance with the whole process, we’re very keen to fix it with you
  • We respect your privacy and so our app does not require management rights to your Google Ads account (it’s really not needed!)
  • The TRACKIT app comes with a unique free guide, written from our 10 years of Google Ads experience. It really shows you how to use conversion tracking to take your advertising to the next level.

Running an internet business, you never get to look a customer in the eyes. The only way to know what they think of you is to measure your conversions and see what they like. Without conversion tracking you’re going to waste a lot of money and possibly fail. If you do have it, you’re on your way to a successful business.

Paul Isaac

Partner, Sales for Real

What’s in the “box”?


The TRACKIT conversion tracking app/plug-in itself

Step by step setup instructions including video.
It’s not difficult anyway, but we want to keep this as easy as possible for you

“Take your advertising to the next level using conversion value tracking” PDF download
We share our years of knowledge to help you get real results with your Google Ads

Your personal code to access our email helpline



All with our maybe-too-eager Tech Support


Other questions we get asked

How easy is it to install the app?
Installing the app is rather easy. The only thing you have to do is enter two codes from your Google Ads account, and we explain step by step and also by video how to find them.

Do I have to pay for updates?
No, all updates are free.  And we keep our apps up to date

So there’s really no coding?
No, that’s kind of the purpose of the app.

Does the monthly fee vary with how much I sell on my site?
No.  The price you see is fixed, there are no volume or usage charges. And if you aren’t registering conversions, then you don’t start paying until you do.

How do I know if it works or not on my site?
The app should work on every Shopify website. And if you have any sort of trouble you can easily contact us and we’re happy to help.