Dynamic Remarketing

made easy with a simple plug in


Do you actually know how many sales you missed?

Many of your customers only need a small nudge to close the deal

Dynamic remarketing is that nudge.  The only catch? It’s difficult to set up

SalesForReal’s app is not just a technical solution to that.  We actually hold your hand all the way through to setting up your campaigns in Google Ads. That’s every step.  And with plenty of videos so you can see what we mean.

For the past ten years I’ve been full-time advertising and remarketing for customers all over the world. I set up Dynamic Remarketing for every customer where it applied.  I know all the difficulties, I know all the hurdles.  Most of all, I know how to overcome them and run a Dynamic Remarketing campaign that gets results.

As part of our package, I share that knowledge with you.  Our app was written to meet the requirements of marketers.  We are not geeks and you get more than just the app when you purchase our product.

Paul Isaac

Partner, Sales for Real

What’s in the “box”?


The Dynamic Remarketing app/plug-in itself

Step by step setup instructions including video.
It’s not difficult anyway, but we want to keep this as easy as possible for you

“Creating Your Dynamic Remarketing Campaign” PDF download
We share our years of knowledge to help you set up the actual campaign

”Running Your Dynamic Remarketing Campaign” PDF download
And once the campaign is running, we show you how to optimise it for peak results

Your personal code to access our email helpline



ATTENTION: We are still running with our launch pricing. It’s temporarily favorable to other apps you see in the app store.  Start now and we will lock this price in for you, even when we put it up.

Other questions we get asked

What’s the difference between Dynamic Remarketing and simple Remarketing?
In its most simple form, you create a static ad and show that to every customer you remarket to.  Dynamic Remarketing is what it says: it adjusts what it shows to each visitor based on what they already looked at on your site.
By the way, I never got the results with simple Remarketing which I could get with Dynamic Remarketing.  I guess it follows the rule in marketing that the more specific your marketing is the better it does.

Do I have to pay for updates?
No, all updates are free.  We keep our apps up to date

Does the monthly fee vary with how much I sell on my site?
No.  The price you see is fixed and it’s all you pay

Which remarketing is better, Google or Facebook?
Personally, we like Google’s remarketing.  Google’s algorithm will show people products they have already looked at, but it will also learn which other products your site they might like, based on what they already looked at. Plus, Google’s network of websites is the most extensive on the internet.

What’s the difference between remarketing and retargeting?
They’re the same thing.  We were confused by that once, too!

What if I just can’t do the set up?
We think you can do it. We put a lot of effort into all the setup instructions. And, frankly, if you are already doing Google Shopping, there isn’t much to set up.  However, if you really feel it’s not for you, we’ll do it for you for a flat fee of $250.