The EASY-est

product feed ever


If you aren’t doing Google Shopping, what is your webshop doing?

After the hype settles, Google Shopping is the advertising which drives results for most webshops

but you never signed up for all the technical hassle

Not everyone is a geek. Maybe you just want to run your webshop, look after the customers and put some money in the bank.  That’s why we took care of the geeky stuff for you.

We believe the EASY product feed app is the simplest product feed app out there. You install it and it goes.

It will work for the majority of webshops: You can check right away and uninstall it with no harm if it’s not right for your webshop. (We have an alternative ready soon if you need more than EASY product feed.)

Now you can get on with the selling.

Once, the only advertising Google Search offered was text ads and so for a long time the ads I ran for my clients were exclusively text ads. But that’s all changed. If I look at the webshop accounts my agency and other agencies are running now then Google Shopping is driving 80 to 90 per cent of the business.

And although it’s gotten much easier to set up, it’s still a bit of a technical job in most cases. We wrote this app to solve that issue.

Paul Isaac

Partner, Sales for Real

What’s in the “box”?


The EASY product feed app/plug-in itself

No instructions: You don’t need them
Just add the app from the Shopify App Store and it’s ready to go

“Creating Your Google Shopping Campaign” PDF download
We share our years of knowledge to help you set up the actual campaign

”Running Your Google Shopping Campaign” PDF download
And once the campaign is running, we show you how to optimise it for peak results

Your personal code to access our email helpline



All with our maybe-too-eager Tech Support


Other questions we get asked

Okay, the app is simple, but what else do I need to do?
You’ll have to open a Google Ads account and a Merchant Center account if you don’t already have them. And you’ll need to connect them, but we have a video to show you how to do that. These things we could not protect you from, unfortunately.

Do I have to pay for updates?
No, all updates are free.  And we keep our apps up to date

Does the monthly fee vary with how much I sell on my site?
No.  The price you see is fixed and it’s all you pay, up to 5,000 products (plus variants which are free).

What websites doesn’t it work for?
If you have created your Shopify website without changing too much, you’ll be fine. If you are new to Shopify, that’s probably what you did. Or if you think you have limited skills, but you still managed it, you are going to be fine too. Only if you used non-standard fields, perhaps because you imported your data from an earlier site or did a fair bit of customising, then you might need to use one of our options.

How do I know if it works or not on my site?
Just go ahead and add the app to your Shopify store. Under the “Instructions” link, we show you how to check if everything is okay. If you are unsure, we’ll check it for you. Should there be any issues, you can just remove this app and get something more fully featured from the Shopify App Store.